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Some call it justice, others call it the biggest American scam you've never heard of.

When a California car dealership got sued over asbestos exposure, their lawyer expected the case to be dropped because the dealership had never used asbestos. He soon found out that facts don't always matter in the strange and secretive world of American asbestos lawsuits. In these lawsuits, it's not always clear who is really sick, how they became sick, or if it even matters.

A true-life legal thriller, "UnSettled" follows the bogus lawsuit against a small-town car dealership all the way to Washington DC, where politicians take big money from asbestos lawyers. “UnSettled” tells the story of the public health tragedy of asbestos exposure and the cadre of wealthy lawyers who have figured out ways to keep half of all the money awarded to sick and dying people.

Most Americans are unaware of the costly and maddening system that continues to plague victims and businesses alike. While other countries dealing with asbestos exposure have figured out how to take care of sick people without a lawsuit industry that seems to benefit lawyers the most. Some say that this controversy is about more than frivolous lawsuits and manipulating the system -- but a fraud perpetrated on the asbestos trusts by the very people who claim to represent the injured.

"UnSettled" is an eye opener and a must see for anyone who cares about fairness in the American legal system and accountability for those who make the laws that govern it.

Michael J. Lampe
Attorney for Lampe Dodge
"This was a shakedown."

"The base problem here, in my view, is greed. It's a problem that seems to have gotten worse in my profession."
Robert Hatten
Plaintiffs' Attorney
"[J]uries are infuriated! And they give a lot of money!"

"There is a war going on. It's a war between ordinary people who are suffering and dying … against an industry composed of sophisticated, educated, capable people who ignore the safety of these people to make a dollar."
Kimberly Stone
President, Civil Justice Association of California
"There is no way on earth Lampe Dodge had anything to do with the plaintiff's exposure. Most lawyers, when they found that out, would dismiss the case and apologize."
Lester Brickman
Emeritus Professor, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
"Most well-educated persons would conclude asbestos litigation would have been over 20 years ago … If you go back through the history of great swindles in this country … asbestos litigation is right up there with the top."
Julie Lyons
Former Editor, Dallas Observer
"When talking to [the plaintiffs], it was evident that they weren’t sick … When you examine this closely, it seems like milking the system for money based on what appeared to be fraudulent claims."
Judge John Brieden
Former National Commander, American Legion
"What [the Garlock case] showed is there are people gaming the system. Who's really making the money off of it? The trial lawyers."
Mark Behrens
Defense Litigator
"Today you have plaintiffs with serious injuries, but serious questions on the other side about whether the defendants they're suing actually caused those injuries."
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